The Daily Office Crowd, Part II: What’s Your Wi-Fi Policy?

Posted by Julie on 5/13/19 12:19 PM

There's no question that laptop users are increasingly soaking up wireless connections and electrical outlets at coffee shops around the world, along with their lattes. Their presence creates a challenge for owners who want to have a wi-fi policy that maintains a welcoming atmosphere but also want to encourage the necessary customer turnover for a profitable business.

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Is Fresh Coffee Always Best?

Posted by Julie on 12/21/18 3:18 PM

Check out this great video on coffee freshness from coffee expert Chris Baca. It breaks down several key things that affect freshness, and how to harness them:

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Coffee Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Coffee (Video)

Posted by Julie on 9/18/18 6:59 PM

In the Epicurious video series “Price Points,” coffee expert Dillon Edwards of Parlor Coffee tries to guess which of two coffees is more expensive, after examining, smelling and tasting them. He also provides a bit of insight into his methods for analyzing coffee, while also breaking down roasts (dark vs. light), and waxing poetic about processing, freshness, varietals and source.

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Adding Pour-Over Coffee To Your Coffeehouse Menu

Posted by Julie on 5/10/16 6:35 PM

Offering pour-over coffee can give your coffeehouse a personal touch.

Of all the great minds we have to thank for centuries of coffee-technology advancement, a woman named Melitta Bentz of Dresden, Germany, may be near the top of the list. Her paper filter, created in 1908 out of disdain for washing cloth filters and scraping coffee sludge off the bottom of unfiltered coffee pots, resulted in an easy pour-over brew with a cleaner cup and a cleaner brewer.

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Tea Infusions: Add subtle sophistication to your drink menu

Posted by Julie on 11/18/15 4:58 PM

Tea is all about soothing flavor — flavor that whispers instead of shouting. Tea infusions are a subtle touch that add a gourmet feel to other beverages, and can enable anyone to develop a signature drink that is truly unique.

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Cold Brew Coffee is in Cocktails. Of Course.

Posted by Julie on 10/1/15 1:04 AM

Thanks to the proliferation of cold brew coffee, cocktails are maturing.

Article originally appeared on

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Will Letter For Lunch

Posted by Julie on 1/2/15 2:26 AM

Meet the artist who trades “lettering” for kale salads (and cocktails).


(Originally posted at

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