Choosing An Espresso Machine for Your Coffee Shop

Posted by Julie on 10/15/19 3:16 PM

Serving espresso is a great way to increase sales, but there is a lot to consider when choosing an espresso machine that will meet your operation’s specific needs. The type of food service you do is probably the most important factor, followed by your daily customer traffic.

A traditional automatic espresso machine gives the barista the most control of the drink-making process, as compared with using a super-automatic machine. The barista should be well trained to make consistent drinks while still enjoying this creative process.

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The “Coffee Plus” Strategy For Success at Your Café

Posted by Julie on 9/30/19 1:17 PM

A selection of menu items—and knowing how to sell them—are vital to your coffee shop’s success.

The rub at a retail coffee shop: your main product has great gross profit margins, but low overall ticket averages. Since you pay your rent in straight-up dollars—not as a percentage of your profit—bringing your average individual sale well above $3 or $5 is crucial to your success. Cafes with an only (or mostly) coffee strategy can be busy all day, but still not generate enough profit to keep their doors open.

To realize your dream of coffee retail success, you need a “coffee plus” strategy (coffee plus pastry or other food item). Coffee should be no more than 40 percent of your weekly sales—about two item sales per customer transaction.

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Coffee Shop Design: Don't break the bank on the small stuff

Posted by Julie on 9/15/19 1:17 PM

There’s something to be said for not trying too hard. Even if you’re bent on impressing a chic clientele, less can be more in the world of coffee shop design.

When it comes to fixtures and final touches, you can create an inviting space by not buying into the “more is better” point of view:

White paint. It's amazing what a quick coat of paint can do to make a shop look fresh and inviting. A warm white will brighten the space and will go with everything, and you won’t have to spend a lot of time testing out different color schemes.

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Coffee Shop Ambiance Part II: Lighting, Flooring, Music and More

Posted by Julie on 8/29/19 8:58 AM

We recently brought you tips for furnishing your cafe. Now it’s time to tackle a few other important elements of coffee shop ambience: lighting, flooring, music and more.

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Coffee Shop Ambiance Part I: Furniture

Posted by Julie on 8/20/19 11:55 AM

At your restaurant or café, you have free rein to appeal to the senses of your customers. The quality of your food and drinks and the smells coming from the kitchen are obvious selling points. But when a customer first enters and looks around, your ambience—or design and decor—can determine if they stay or go, or come back a second time.

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Coffee Shop ROI: Making It Happen

Posted by Julie on 7/31/19 9:46 AM

There is no one set of secrets to making it in the foodservice business. Most success comes down to hard work, extensive experience or luck. 

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Coffee Shops: How To Build Your Takeaway Business

Posted by Julie on 7/15/19 9:45 AM

Picture the perfect coffeehouse. It probably includes comfortable seating, free wi-fi, and even a patio or small soundstage for live music.

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